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About Dalkeyhill Contracting:

We began baling straw for the Chicken Industry 25 years ago. Straw is chopped and used as litter.
In 1994 we purchased our own machinery and operated independently. We also started baling hay the same year.
We started with one 8x4x4 baler then and in 2008 we purchased a 8x4x3 baler, and we now run two 8x4x3 balers, and one 8x4x4.
We bale export oaten hay, and medic and vetch hay.
We  bale straw for the chicken and pig industries which is used for bedding, and we also bale straw for mushroom growers to produce compost.
We also have a self-propelled windrower used for windrowing canola and also straw
We offer the complete service of cutting, raking, baling, carting, and storing hay
We have the capacity to store 12,000 bales and a certified weighbridge on site

Dalkeyhill SA​


Adelaide Plains
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